Paintings - CARNA series

Worked out layer by layer, equally led by emotion and feelings on the one hand, constructed and obsessed with details on the other.
Carna’s the name of the ancient Roman Goddess of the heart, organs and health. I chose this name cause every feeling starts with the heart while controlled by the head.

Joan – 2018 – oil on canvas
100 W x 100 H x 3 cm
Joan’s Ladybug was the first abstract expressionistic painting I’ve seen. It took me to the arts and inspired me to become a painter and teacher. I dedicated this work to her.

NY summer – 2018 – oil on canvas
100 W x 140 H x 5 cm
Lively, hot, chaotic, colorful summer in the city. That’s what I felt during my NY visit.

California – 2018 – oil on canvas
60 W x 80 H x 2 cm
Feeling the heat, shimmering air, palm tress, the sea.